Product Name: Patient Monitor 15”
Model : CM-15
Brand: Upmed China

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Patient Monitor Price in Pakistan

15.6 inch large screen for viewing convenience
Three Working Modes: Monitoring, Surgery and Diagnosis.
Simple and friendly operating display interface.
Multi-display modes suitable for different applications:
Standard Interface, Large font, ECG Standard Full Display, OXY , Trend Table, BP Trend.
Built-in high capacity battery up to 3 hours of continuous work
VGA output for external display

Technique Specification
Lead Mode: 5 Leads (I, II, III, AVR, AVL,AVF, V)
Gain: ´2.5mm/mV, ´5.0mm/mV, ´10mm/mV, ´20mm/mV
Heart Rate: 15-300 BPM (Adult); 15-350 BPM (Neonatal)
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: ±1%
Sensitivity >200 uV(Peak to peak)
ST measurement range: -2.0 ~ +2.0 mV
Accuracy: -0.8mV~+0.8mV: ±0.02mV or ±10%, which is greater
Other Range: unspecified
Sweep speed: 12.5 mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Diagnostic: 0.05~130 Hz
Monitor: 0.5~40 Hz
Surgery: 1~20 Hz

Measuring Range: 0 ~ 100 %
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 70% ~ 100% (±2 %)
Pulse Rate: 20-250 BPM
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: ±3 BPM

Method: Oscillometry
Measure mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
Unit: mmHg, kPa
Measure and alarm range:
Adult Mode
SYS 40 ~ 280 mmHg
DIA 10 ~ 225 mmHg
MEAN 20 ~ 240 mmHg
Pediatric Mode
SYS 40 ~ 220 mmHg
DIA 10 ~ 160 mmHg
MEAN 20 ~ 170 mmHg
Neonatal Mode
SYS 40 ~ 135 mmHg
DIA 10 ~ 100 mmHg
MEAN 20 ~ 110 mmHg
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: ±5mmHg

Method: Impedance between RA-LL or RALA
Measurement Range:
Adult: 10 ~ 120 BrPM
Neonatal / Pediatric: 7 ~ 150 BrPM
Resolution: 1 BrPM
Accuracy: ±2 BrPM

Measure and Alarm Range: 0 ~ 50 °C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ±0.1°C

Standard Parameters:

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