Model: Cardio Touch 3000
Make: Bionet Korea
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Features of ECG machine Cardio Touch 3000
  • FDA Approved
  • Simplifying workflow with “AUTO” operation
  • One button “AUTO” operation from acquisition to print-out & data record in 3 sec.
  • Easy ECG file data conversion
  • Easy file conversion to PDF, XML, JPG, BMP, MFER, DICOM that transfers with easy user interface.
  • Enhanced sampling rate for data accuracy
  • With 8,000Hz per second sampling rate, it is designed to improve clinical decision for cardiology with accurate ECG interpretation algorithm
  • BMS Plus Patient data management in mind
  • All patient data is transferable to BMS Plus and PC based data management SW with real time remote operation.
  • BMS plus offers caregivers the workflow flexibility for
  • Data preview
  • Device remote control
  • File conversion to PDF, XML, JPG, BMP, MFER, DICOM for data transfer through PACS.
  • Direct print-out, magnifying and comparing ECG trace, measuring ECG complex, adding comments
  • 2 Years Warranty


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