Product Name: Fluid Warmer
Model : HAWK FW 1
Make: Hawkmed China

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Fluid Warmer Hawkmed Price in Pakistan

Fluid Warmer is a device heating fluid inside infusion Set\ Blood transfusion set based on thermal transfer principle . It accepts various brand of infusion set\ blood transfusion set


*Compact and light weight .
*Colorful LCD screen with detailed info.
*Double groove heating for two infusion sets.
*Optional working with drop sensor.
*Fast heating ,3~5 minutes to reach the set temperature.
*With over-temperature &low temperature alarm.
*Cut off the power supply automatically when overheat of fluid.
*Two flexible installations : with hanger or pole clamp.
*The pole clamp has hidden function ,saving space.
Tube Size 3~4.5
Heating Range 30 `C ~ 42`C, with increment of 1`C or 0.1`C
Accuracy <1`c
Clasiffication Class 1/ type B

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