Product Name: Oxygen Concentrator
Model : 7F-10W
Make: Yuwell

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Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator Price in Pakistan

Technical Specification

Flow range: 1~ 10L /min (10 Liter)

Oxygen concentration: 95.5% ~ 87%

Maximum outlet pressure: 40~ 70kPa

Pressure relief mechanism operates at:

250kPa 土 25kPa

Operation noise level: < 60dB(A)

Input power: 850VA

Minimum Operating Time 30 minutes

The Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator, renowned for its reliability and efficiency, varies in price across Pakistan. In Karachi and Lahore, the oxygen concentrator price reflects the demand in these populous cities. The price of an oxygen concentrator in Pakistan generally depends on the capacity, with the 10-liter model being higher priced due to its enhanced capabilities. Specifically, the Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator price in Pakistan is competitive, offering a balance between quality and affordability. This pricing strategy makes oxygen therapy accessible to more people, reinforcing Yuwell’s commitment to healthcare accessibility in Pakistan’s diverse medical landscape.

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