Product Name: Hight & Weight Scale
Model : ZT-160
Make: China

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Height and Weight Scale Price in Pakistan

Type ZT-160 body-weight balance is widely applicable to measure the weight and height of people in enterprise, school, hospital, clinic and sports department, featuring advanced in design, fine in material and high in accuracy. The reading of weight is manually indicated on the primary and secondary Scale plates respectively by means of two sliding weights so that it is very easy to be operated.

### Technical parameters:

– Max.weighting:160kgs
– Scale division (d):100g
– Height range to be measured: 70-190cm
– Min. value of height per division: 0.5cm
– Size of packing box: 815/895×465×265mm
– Load platform area (L×W):375×270mm
– Measurement (L×W×H):570×437×1317mm
– Weight: 26.5kg

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