Product Name: Digital Body Weight Scale

Model: PS 160

Make: Beurer

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Personal bathroom Weight scale PS 160 Price in Pakistan

  • XXL display
  • Particularly large LCD display
  • Standing surface made of comfortable plastic
  • Decorative element: glass insert
  • Switch-on technology: Quick Start
  • Automatic switch-off, overload indicator
  • Weight capacity: 180 kg
  • Digit size: 47 mm

The Personal Bathroom Weight Scale PS 160 exemplifies sleek, modern design. Its slim profile, accentuated with a lustrous glass surface, easily blends into any bathroom decor. Equipped with precision sensors, this scale guarantees accurate measurements every time, displaying weight in a clear, digital format for easy reading. Non-slip pads ensure stability and safety during use. Additionally, the scale features a user-friendly, automatic on/off function, conserving battery life. This scale, with its durable construction, provides consistent reliability. Ideal for health-conscious individuals, it supports regular monitoring of body weight, contributing to effective wellness management. The PS 160’s compact size allows for convenient storage.


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