Product Name: Blood Warmer
Model : ANIMEC AM-301
Make: ELLTEC Co Ltd

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ELLTEC Blood Warmer Price in Pakistan

The ANIMEC AM-301 is an electrically powered warmer which warms up refrigerated infusion/blood to near body temperature before delivering to the patient. The heating plate applies heat to flowing fluid via the tube placed in its channel. The unique design of channel offers two ways of tube setting.

Flow rate 1 – 20 ml/min
Output temperature 28ºC – 42ºC
Safety features Cascade control, Audible/Visual alarm and Thermal cutoff
Size 265 x 110 x 55 mm
Weight 1kg
Tube Size 4A:3.1 -4.0mm
Setpoint Temperature 36`c-/39`c
Heat Exchanger Dry Heat (Silicone Rubber Heater )

Easy to reaD LED Display of actual outlet fluid temperature
Audible and Visible Over -temperature alarms
Alarm test available by check Button
No Display Set required
Available for two standard tube size (4mm&5mm)

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