Product Name: 3 Channel ECG Machine
Model: Cardio N3
Make: Pulse Med, China

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ECG Machine 3 Channel N3 Pulse Med China Price in Pakistan

Modern in design, light in weight, compact in size.

-Simultaneously acquisition of 12 lead, full screen display

-7” color touch screen.

-Sensitive filters of ADS, HUM, and EMG.

-Automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, waveform freezing. Auto-analyze and auto-diagnostic can reduce doctor’s burden -and improve working efficiency.

-Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording.

-Thermal printer with 80mm print paper, synchronization print

-Lead off & lack off paper detection function.

-Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery (11.1V/4000mAh), AC/DC power conversion.

-Adapt to 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply

-Historical data and patient’s information can be reviewed and printed.

-Support USB flash disk & SD memory, stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC via ECG playback software.

-The machine can store over 400 ECG reports in its built-in flash.

-Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life

-The device can record real time clear and exact 12 channel ECG waveform and remark continually. The remark includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc.

The ECG Machine 3 Channel N3 from Pulse Med, China, is a cutting-edge medical device designed for efficient and accurate cardiac monitoring. This compact, 3-channel ECG machine offers high-resolution printouts, allowing for detailed heart activity analysis. It’s equipped with advanced algorithms to ensure precise readings, crucial for accurate diagnoses. The user-friendly interface includes a clear display and intuitive controls, simplifying operation for healthcare professionals. With its lightweight design, it’s ideal for both stationary and portable use in various medical settings. The N3 model is a reliable choice for clinics and hospitals, streamlining cardiac assessments with technology and convenience.


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