Model: CR 747 X

Make: Certeza

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Certeza Adult Deluxe Stethoscope CR 747X Price in Pakistan


  • Adult Deluxe Stethoscope
  • Combination of diaphragm/bell Adult Chest piece
  • Aluminum alloy chest piece with chrome plated
  • Large bell for best low frequency response
  • Sensitive diaphragm for greater amplification and high frequency response
  • Non-chill rims on chest piece for patient comfort
  • Brass binurals with matching chromium finish fixed at 15° angle for greater comfort
  • Threaded soft rubber ear tips for comfort and acoustic seal
  • Manganese spring

The Certeza Adult Deluxe Stethoscope CR 747X is expertly designed for medical professionals demanding high acoustic sensitivity and comfort. Ideal for adult patients, it features a precision-crafted dual-head chest piece that captures both high and low-frequency sounds with remarkable clarity. The adjustable diaphragm and non-chill rim enhance patient comfort during assessments. Constructed with durable, lightweight materials, it ensures longevity and ease of use. The CR 747X’s soft-sealing ear tips effectively block external noise, providing a clear acoustic experience. This stethoscope is a vital tool for doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners who require reliability and precision in patient diagnostics.


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