Best Stethoscope in Pakistan – Rappaplus is a double Chest-piece & double tube system that provides extraordinary audio connectivity & helps in proper examining patient.



Medical supplies pk brings you the best Stethoscope in Pakistan(RAPPA PLUS 3A JAPAN) with the fastest delivery all over Pakistan.

Features & Specifications of RAPPA PLUS 3A JAPAN

  • Universal Stethoscope Rappaplus with double Chest-piece & double tube system
  • Flexible range of applications
  • Acoustics ranges in all frequencies.
  • Extra-Ordinary audio-conductivity
  • Special Membranes with a surface structure to adapt better to skin
  • Comes in Vibrant Black Color

RAPPA PLUS 3A stethoscope price in Pakistan is best offered by us we are offering this product at just Rs. 1199/- with Cash on delivery



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