April 9, 2021

The stethoscope is the most important medical equipment for surgeons. A stethoscope is essential in evaluating the accurate cause and appropriate treatment in any medical condition.

As a doctor or nurse, you’ll use a stethoscope multiple times in your career to evaluate patients and make professional decisions. As a result, using the perfect stethoscope for your needs is important. Always pick a stethoscope that will help you throughout your medical profession.

Price of Stethoscope in Pakistan:

It usually depends on acoustics offered. A more costly stethoscope can usually provide a smoother sound and a higher overall quality. Stethoscope price in Pakistan usually varies from Rs 850 – Rs 15500

Best Stethoscope in Pakistan:

You may have unique requirements for a stethoscope depending on the profession you work in. Some doctors, for example, only need a standard stethoscope that can grab basic pulse, lung, and bowel noises. Others, including cardiologists, need a wider range of frequencies that can only be heard with a more enhanced instrument.

 What are the Most Common Types of Stethoscopes in Pakistan?

When shopping for a stethoscope in Pakistan, you’ll quickly find that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. So, to help you in selecting the right stethoscope, let’s go through the various varieties.

Acoustic Stethoscope

This are the standard stethoscopes used by doctors and other medical professionals.

Although acoustic stethoscopes do not often pick up as much sound as mechanical ones, they are suitable for all medical practitioners and have additional advantages such as smoother servicing and lower costs.

There are Two Types of Acoustic Stethoscopes:

1. Single Head Stethoscopes – These are known for delivering simple, wide-bandwidth sound. They give you the option of focusing on high or low-frequency sounds. This stethoscope is best used for general purposes, such as listening to a patient’s breath.

2. Dual-Head Stethoscopes – These stethoscopes are more adaptable. The diaphragm and the bell are 2 heads of this stethoscope. The diaphragm is the stethoscope’s larger flat component that fits best for high-frequency sounds. The bell, on the other hand, is the stethoscope’s smaller cup-like component that is best for low-frequency sounds.

Electronic Stethoscope:

Electronic stethoscopes can enhance sound signals from body. It make it easier to figure out what’s going on in the body of a patient. The sensory vibrations of sounds are converted into an electrical signal by an electronic stethoscope. Any automated stethoscopes can also reduce crowd noise, which can be a game-changer for medical practitioners who work in high-traffic environments.

Parts of Stethoscope:

Best Stethoscope in Pakistan


The diaphragm is the greater side of the chest-piece. It’s the main part of the device that we use to listen to the individual during Examination. Only because of diaphragm you can hear frequencies and sounds.


This is the chest-tiny piece’s end. It focuses on lower-frequency sounds that the diaphragm might not be able to hear. This side is usually used on neonates, whose sounds are more difficult to identify and understand.


As the name means, these are the components that go between the Physician’s ear. It is soft to the touch and perfectly blend into the ear canal. It must be correctly angled in order to hear a sound during examination.


The tube is responsible for transmitting sound from the chest-piece to the earpiece and allowing the user to detect noises. A Superior-quality stethoscope’s tube would be built of high-quality material. This is done to keep stethoscope from splitting, bending, or breaking during use.

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