Product Name: Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Modle: Comfort 3000 KU 500
Make: Sharp Medical, Japan

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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Comfort 3000 Price in Pakistan

Ultrasonic Nebulizer are most commonly used to deliver hypertonic saline for sputum induction and also used in the treatment of a number of respiratory diseases and disorders like cystic fibrosis and Asthma.

Power Supply: AC mains,50/60Hz
Power consumpiton:40VA/39VA(50Hz/60Hz)
Ultrasonic frequency:1.7MHz
Max. atomizing flow rate:3.5mL/min
Aerosol particle size: MMAD 5.5μm
Solution bottle capacity: 100mL
Activation water capacity: About 200mL
Max. blow flow rate:16L/min
Timer:1~30min. & continuous.
Safety devices: Water level sensor
Fan cover
Warning devices:
Low activating water Level
High activating water temperature
Outer dimensions:W260XD145XH195mm
Net weight(main unit):Approx.2.4kg

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