Product Name: Syringe Pump
Model: HK 400III
Make: Hawkmed
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Syringe Pump HK 400III Hawkmed

Large & Colorful LCD Display
History Records
RS 232 Interface
Adjusted Buzzer Volume
Anti Bolus Volume
Various Visual and Audible alarms
90 Degree Rotatable Pole Clamp

Infusion Mode: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Dose Mode, Intermittent Infusion Mode, TIVA

Applicable Syringes: Various Brand of sterile syringes 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml

Syringe Accuracy: +- 2%

Infusion Rate: 5ml Syringe 0.1-150ml/h
10ml Syringe 0.1-300ml/h
20ml Syringe 0.1-600ml/h
30ml Syringe 0.1-900ml/h
50ml Syringe 0.1-1500ml/h
Volume to be Infused: 0~9999.9(ml)

Volume Infused: 0~9999.9(ml)

KVO Rate: 0.1~2ml/h adjustable default value: 0.1ml/h

Bolus Rate: 5ml Syringe 100-150ml/h
10ml Syringe 100-300ml/h
20ml Syringe 100-600ml/h
30ml Syringe 100-900ml/h
50ml Syringe 100-1500ml/h

Classification: Class I, Type CF

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