Product Name: Sterigage (Steri-Test)

Make: PMS Turkey

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Sterigage (Steri-Test) Type 4, PMS Turkey Price in Pakistan

PMS Steri-Test Type 4 Multi-Variable Steam Indicator Strips are designed to be used in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134˚C or 121˚C.
After exposure to steam sterilization, the chemical indicator will provide an accurate visual confirmation by color changing, indicating that sterilization conditions were met.
The indicator strips can be used in every pack and will provide assurance of steam penetration into the packs.

The water based and non-toxic chemical indicator in compliance with ISO 11140-1 will show a clear and accurate color change from blue to gray/black after successful steam sterilization.

PMSSteri-Test indicator strips are cost effective and can be divided into two seperate pieces for economical use.
Product Description:

Dual strip design

  • Designed for STEAM sterilization at

134˚C – 3.5 minutes

  • Water based, non-toxic chemical indicator
  • Clear and accurate color change
  • Manufactured in absence of lead and other heavy metals

The Sterigage (Steri-Test) Type 4 from PMS Turkey is a critical tool in ensuring the efficacy of sterilization processes in medical settings. These high-precision chemical indicators are designed to change color when exposed to specific sterilization conditions, verifying that instruments have been adequately sterilized. Manufactured with advanced technology, they provide reliable and accurate readings, essential for maintaining patient safety and compliance with health standards. Easy to use and interpret, Sterigage indicators are suitable for a variety of sterilization methods. They are indispensable for hospitals and clinics, guaranteeing that sterilization procedures meet rigorous medical guidelines.


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