Product Name: Soda Lime CO2 Absorber

Make: KNG MED, Turkey

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Soda Lime KNG MED Turkey Price in Pakistan

5 Kg Barrel, White to Violet

KNGSORB is a medical soda lime manufactured from mixture of Calcium and Sodium Hydroxides It is supplied in the from of hard, porous regular rounded pallets which have been specifically processed to absorption CO2 capacity. One kilogram of KNGSORB will absorb a minimum of 130 litres of CO2

With the irregular shape, minimises the amount ofdust produced during transit allowing the product to reach you in perfect condition for use.

KNGSORB does not contain potassium Hydroxide or Barium Hydroxide and only low level of Sodium Hydroxide. High CO2 absorption capacity pellet from prevents channel formation, uniform utilization reducing your costs through longer life time little dust generation creating a safer environment for your personnel and protects reduction of undesirable reaction products when accidentally dried out.

The Soda Lime from KNG MED, Turkey, is a high-quality medical supply essential for anesthesia procedures. This absorbent material efficiently removes carbon dioxide from circulating gases in medical settings, crucial for patient safety during surgery. Made from a precise blend of hydroxides, it changes color to indicate exhaustion, ensuring timely replacement. The uniformly sized granules maximize surface area contact, enhancing the absorption efficiency. This product is dust-free, reducing the risk of airway irritation for patients. Ideal for hospitals and clinics, KNG MED’s Soda Lime is a key component in maintaining a controlled and safe surgical environment.


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