Product Name: Soda Lime

Part No. 2179000

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Soda Lime Intersurgical UK Price in Pakistan

Intersorb Plus™ is a medical soda lime Carbon Dioxide absorbent comprised of short porous 3mm diameter strands.

Intersorb Plus™ is a 3% Sodium Hydroxide soda lime that meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias.  Intersorb Plus is entirely suitable as a CO2 absorbent for medical use within anaesthesia, with which it has a long, worldwide history of use.

Weight: 5L

Soda Lime by Intersurgical UK is a premium medical-grade absorbent, essential for anesthesia and respiratory systems. Specifically designed to remove carbon dioxide from exhaled gases, it ensures patient safety during procedures. This high-efficiency product features a unique formulation that allows for optimal CO2 absorption, minimizing the risk of rebreathing. Its color-change indicator signals when saturation is reached, facilitating timely replacement. The granules are formulated to reduce dust, thereby decreasing the likelihood of respiratory irritation. Ideal for a range of medical settings, Intersurgical’s Soda Lime is a trusted choice for healthcare professionals seeking reliability and quality in their clinical practice.


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