Name: Otoscope (e-Series) 2101-201
Make: Riester Germany

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e- SCOPE OTOSCOPES are available with halogen or vacuum direct illumination, F.O. xenon or F.O.
LED Sealing precision optics pivotably to both sides with triple magnification for optimum view Sturdy ear speculum receptacle in hardwearing hygienic metal for e-scope®/ri-scope® L1/L2 speculum.
Compatible with ear speculae from other renowned manufacturers
Suitable for performance of pneumatic tests (supplied without connector and insufflator
Available in a choice of black or white finish.
ESCOPE OTOSCOPES with direct illumination: Inexpensive basic model with low-reflection direct illumination with a 2.7 V vacuum bulb (2500 K) or halogen illumination (3000 K)
ESCOPE OTOSCOPES with direct illumination: Minimised-reflection, economically priced direct illumination with 2.5 V halogen or 2.7 V vacuum illumination

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