Product Name: OT Gown Green Cotton

Make: Pak made

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OT Gown Green Cotton Price in Pakistan

  • UNISEX-(Both for Male and Female)
  • Free Size for Males and Females
  • High-Quality Fabric.
  • Best Quality Stitching.
  • Affordable price

The OT Gown in Green Cotton is a vital medical garment designed for surgeons and medical staff in operating theaters. Made from high-quality, breathable cotton, it ensures comfort during lengthy procedures while maintaining a sterile environment. The gown’s green color reduces eye strain under bright surgical lights and mask stains, promoting focus and professionalism. It features secure fastenings for a snug fit and easy donning. Durable and reusable, it withstands rigorous sterilization processes. This gown is a sustainable choice for healthcare facilities prioritizing safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility in their medical attire.


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