Name: Infrared Thermometer
Model: FT 715

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Infrared Thermometer FT 715 Certeza Price in Pakistan


  • No skin contact – hygienic and safe
  • Reliable results within a second
  • IP22 rated – Protection against dripping water and dust
  • Works in low temperatures (5°C and above). Suitable for school, restaurants, hospitals etc and other outdoor places
  • Distance sensor (blue light) for accurate measurement
  • Included 9 Volts large battery for long lasting usage 99 sets of memory space
  • 3 colour LCD display with fever alert beep
  • Selectable °C or °F scale
  • Body, Object and Room temperature measurement Sensor cover
  • Pure copper probe for higher accuracy
  • Medical device
  • Size: approx. 13.2(L) x 4.2(W) x 17.3(H) cm
  • Gross Weight: approx. 192g (With battery)
  • Range:- Forehead 32°C to 43°C (89.6°F to 109.4°F)- Object 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F)- Room 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C (conditional)
  • Battery: 9V DC

The Infrared Thermometer FT 715 by Certeza is a non-contact medical device, essential for quick and accurate body temperature readings. Utilizing advanced infrared technology, it enables precise measurement without direct skin contact, making it ideal for hygienic and non-intrusive temperature checks. Suitable for all ages, it’s particularly useful in pediatric settings. The thermometer provides rapid results with an easy-to-read digital display. Featuring a fever alarm, it alerts caregivers to high temperatures. Its ergonomic design and one-button operation make it user-friendly. Perfect for clinics, hospitals, and home use, the FT 715 is a reliable tool for efficient health monitoring.


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