Name: Infant Incubator / Baby Incubator
Make: China
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Features of Infant Incubator:

Air Temperature Servo- Controlled by computer
Various and self Check alarms
Remove Humidity reservoir, easy to clean
With the transfusion shelf and tray
RS-232 connector
Phototherapy Unit (Optional)

General use:
It is suitable for the growth and development of premature or sick children.

Structure composition:
It is composed of main engine (including baby compartment, chassis), skin temperature sensor, infusion rack, tray and machine feet.


Electrical Requirement: ~220V 50Hz or ~230V 60Hz
Power Consumption: ≤ 450VA
Air Mode Temp Range: 25 o C ~ 37.0 o C
Skin Mode Temp Range: –
Air Oven Temp Range: ˂ 38.0oC
Air Mode High Temp Range: –
Skin Mode High Temp Range: –
High Temp Mode Alarm: –
Air Mode Alarm: ±3.0oC
Skin Mode Alarm: –
Skin Sensor Accuracy: –
Skin Sensor Accuracy: ≤0.5oC
Mattress Temp uniformity: ≤0.8oC
Noise ≤55dB (A)

Terms & Condition:

a) Payment Terms: Only Advance Payment is accepted for Infant Incubator.

b) Transport: Cargo Charges (By Train / Truck) will be separately charged or paid by consignee end. (Approx. Cargo Charges Rs. 5000) depends upon the Location.

c) Packaging: Infant Incubator mostly packed in Pallet (Wooden) Carton.

d) Installation charges will be separately charged as per Location (Approx. Rs. 2000 to 5000).

e) 1 Year Service warranty after date of Installation.

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