Product Name: Hospital Pillow Cover

Make: Pak Made

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Hospital Pillow Cover in Pakistan

  • Plain White Pillow Cover
  • Pure Cotton
  • Premium Quality
  • Perfect Storage.
  • High-Quality Fabric.
  • Best Quality Stitching.
  • Affordable price

Hospital Pillow Cover Price in Pakistan

The Hospital Pillow Cover is an essential medical supply designed for hygiene and patient comfort in healthcare environments. Crafted from soft, yet durable materials, it’s gentle on sensitive skin while offering longevity through frequent washes and sterilizations. The cover is fluid-resistant, preventing contamination and ensuring a clean, safe resting area for patients. Its universal size fits standard hospital pillows, making it versatile for various healthcare settings. The easy-to-change design aids in maintaining a hygienic environment, crucial in patient care and recovery. Ideal for hospitals and care facilities, this pillow cover balances comfort with practicality.


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