Product Name: Digital Body Weight Scale

Model: GS 808

Make: Certeza

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Digital body Weight Scale Certeza GS 808

Model: GS 808

Make: Certeza 


  1. Attractive Flower Motif Design
  2. 180kg Capacity


  • Digital Glass Scale
  • Attractive flower motif design
  • Weighing area made from safety glass
  • Large LCD display: 30mm digit size
  • High loading capacity: 180kg
  • Automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • 4 highly precise sensors
  • Easy to read display
  • Flat design
  • Overload indicator
  • Graduation 100g
  • Included Lithium batteries
  • Measuring units: Pound (lb) or Kilograms (kg)

Digital Body Weight Scale Certeza Price in Pakistan

The GS 808 Certeza Digital Weight Scale is a reliable and user-friendly tool for maintaining health and fitness. This scale features a high-precision strain gauge sensor system, ensuring accurate and consistent weight measurements. Its sleek, tempered glass platform is not only stylish but also sturdy and easy to clean. The large, clear LCD display allows for easy reading of results. With its quick, step-on technology, the scale provides immediate readings without the need for manual activation. Designed for durability and simplicity, the GS 808 is ideal for both personal and professional use, helping users stay informed about their weight management goals.


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