Product Name:Ultrasonic Humidifier for Room

Model: HF 507

Make: Certeza

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Certeza Ultrasonic Humidifier Price in Pakistan


  1. 7 colour LED light
  2. Aroma diffuser function


  • Ultrasonic micro-fine humidification
  • 7 colour LED light with continuous and fixed colour option
  • Aroma diffuser function
  • Ultra quiet: for use in bedroom
  • Inlcuded water filter for hard water
  • Suitable for room up to 30m²
  • Easy to clean design
  • Adjustable vapour flow rate
  • Visible water level in tank
  • Provides relief from allergies
  • Prevents health and dryness damage

The Certeza Ultrasonic Humidifier is an essential device for maintaining optimal indoor air quality. Utilizing ultrasonic technology, it efficiently disperses a fine mist, adding moisture to dry air, which is beneficial for skin health and respiratory comfort. Its quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance, making it suitable for use in bedrooms or office spaces. The humidifier features adjustable mist settings, allowing users to tailor the humidity to their preference. With a large water tank, it provides long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent refills. Compact and elegantly designed, the Certeza Ultrasonic Humidifier is ideal for creating a more comfortable and healthier living environment.


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