Model: BT 300
Make: Bistos Korea
BT-300 CTG machine in Pakistan – indicates FHR as numeral by irradiating ultrasound at the abdomen, abstracting doppler frequency of heart oeat cycle from the signals reflected from fetal heart, outputtmg FHR change as a sound, and analyzing these signals. Besides, you can measure UC by using pressure sensor, indicate, and onnt the data of FHR and UC.
FDA Approved




Medical supplies pk brings you the best CTG machine in Pakistan with the fastest delivery all over Pakistan.
FUNCTIONS Of CTG machine BT 300 Bistos :
  • Twin fetuses Measurement
  • Automatic fetal movement Measurement.
  • Alarm & Timer
  • Printing speed and color depth control functions.
  • Automatic printing &Zoom
FEATURES of CTG / Cardiotocography machine:
  • Refined design & Easy
  • Compact and Portable
  • Hypersensitive
  • Free Voltage Adaptor


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