Product Name: Bubble CPAP Kit
Make: Besmed Taiwan
The Besmed Bubble CPAP System is the complete system that includes the Bubble CPAP generator, heated breathing circuits, humidification chamber and pressure manifold. Incorporating unique features and world-leading humidification technology.
With Corrugated Tubing (ID: 10mm, L: 120cm)
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Features of Bubble CPAP Kit

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Medical grade silicone material.
  • Ideal size and depth for selection
Parts Including Bubble CPAP Kit:
  • Bonnet
  • Nasal Prongs
  • Connector Kit
  • Chinstrap
  • Sampling Line, 1.2m Male/Female
  • Collapsible Tubing, ID: 10mm, L: 20cm
  • Corrugated Tubing, ID: 10mm, L: 120cm (Only CA-634 series)
Bubble CPAP Kit Price in Pakistan:
  • CA-63411 Bubble CPAP Kit (Nasal Prong 1) Rs. 7000
  • CA-63412 Bubble CPAP Kit (Nasal Prong 2) Rs. 7000
  • CA-63413 Bubble CPAP Kit (Nasal Prong 3) Rs. 7000
  • CA-63414 Bubble CPAP Kit (Nasal Prong 4) Rs. 7000
  • CA-63415 Bubble CPAP Kit (Nasal Prong 5) Rs. 7000


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