Best Muscle Strain Heating Pad in Pakistan BE-240 relieves tired, aching muscles and temporary arthritic pain.




Medical Supplies pk brings you the best heating pad in Pakistan for cramps & muscle strain (BE-240) with express shipping all over Pakistan.
Features of Muscle Strain Heating Pad BE-240
  • Soothing warmth relieves tired, aching muscles and temporary arthritic pain.
  • Besmed heating pads are versatile and light weight, comfortable to use.
  • Use them on most parts of the body, arms legs, shoulders, back abdomen, elbows,   knees, ankles.
  • Absorbent sponge provides penetrating moist heat.
  • Soft cover with tie bands to hold the heating pad in place.
  • Removable, washable cover with snap closure.
  • 100% moisture-proof, vinyl covered pad.
Specifications of Besmed Moist Heating Pad BE-240
  • Heat type: dry/moist
  • Size: 30x60cm
  • VOLTAGE: 110V&220V

Besmed Moist Heating Pad Price in Pakistan is best offered by us.


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