Low Type Ambulance Stretcher For Sale in Pakistan -This ambulance stretcher trolley is a low frame structure model, it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes.




Medical Supplies pk brings you the best Low Type Ambulance Stretcher For Sale with express shipping all over Pakistan.
Specifications of Low Type Ambulance Stretcher For Sale:
  • The bed surface is made of foamed cushion and the adjustable back, making the wounded feel comfortable.
  • This machine is very convenient; one person is enough to send the patient (with this stretcher) to the ambulance car.
  • The folding legs are controlled by the handles on both ends of the stretcher.
  • This type of stretcher is characterized by its lightweight, safe usage, and easy for sterilization.
Technical Features of Low Type Ambulance Stretcher trolley:
  • Model High Position
  • (L*W*H) Maximum
  • Angle Packing Size
  • (1pcs) Loading
  • Bearing N.W G.W
  • YXH-2A 190*55*50cm 75° 195*62*34cm ≤159kg 25.5kg 31.5kg


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