Product Name : ECG Cable 12 Lead

Make: China

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12 Lead ECG Cable in Pakistan

12 Lead ECG Cable Banana plug compatible with ECG i.e. Mindray, Contec, Biocare, Yonker, Nihon Kohden, LE Medical etc

Easy to use

12 Lead ECG Cable Price in Pakistan

The 12 Lead ECG Cable is an essential component in modern medical diagnostics, providing accurate and reliable electrocardiogram readings. Designed for compatibility with a variety of ECG machines, this high-quality cable features durable leads and connectors that ensure consistent signal transmission. Its flexible design allows for patient comfort during testing, while the robust construction ensures longevity even with frequent use. Each lead is clearly labeled for straightforward setup, reducing preparation time and potential errors. This cable is indispensable for cardiologists and healthcare facilities, enabling precise cardiac monitoring and diagnosis, essential for effective patient care.


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